A man of enthusiastic positive pursuits.

A Resourceful Individual

A Resourceful Individual

Dr. Moses "MadMo" Paul (Dr. Mo) is a highly valued thought leader, called and qualified through his gift and genuine love for humanity, evident in his positive actions and opinions on life, politics, and general societal issues. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Resource Planning.

As a thought leader and coach, he is passionate about quality education and awareness, which he shows through youth sensitization and organized values orientation.

A seasoned author

An Audacious Author

Dr. Mo has published two books already. His most recent book titled The Nigerian Dream: A New Nigeria is Possible released on July 2, 2023, is a worthy read to add to your collection.

There's also a thought-provoking book titled Pillars of Truth: What is Truth? that is equally an amazing read. Both books are available for purchase online.

He is not called "Mad Mo" for nothing. His doggedness is second to none.

Enthusiast for positive change

Enthusiast for positive change.

As a goal-oriented social activist, his undiluted enthusiasm for justice, equality and positive change, has birthed a growing movement that has grown into a body of optimistic patriotic citizens.

The FREENIGERIA MOVEMENT is geared towards empowering communities through innovative programs and initiatives, raising awareness through environmental sustainability.